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Title: Carnival of Light (one-shot)

Author: Sgtpepperrigby

Pairing: Ringo/George, implied John/PaulD

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sexual situations

Summary: 3,078

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Beatles or any other actual people represented in this story, nor do I claim to.

Notes: I know a lot of things in this story don’t have to do with the plot, but it was fun writing it. I hope you all enjoyed it. Comments are love (:



  “Come on, George, we’re gonna be late!”

  “I know, gimme a minute!”

  Ringo sighed but laughed. “Alright, well hurry up!”

  It was nearly an hour until Mr. Kite’s circus began, and the show itself was about forty minutes away. The two of them certainly didn’t want to be late, as they were Beatles, and they would probably have to sign autographs before the show, eating up some of their time. George was taking absolutely forever to get ready, although Ringo had been ready for a good ten minutes or so.

  “How long does it take for a man to get ready?” Ringo laughed. “Especially for the bloody circus?”

  “A damn long time!” George yelled back through the closed bathroom door. He was a man for crying out loud, so there was nothing that he could possibly be doing that could take him that long. It wasn’t like he was putting on makeup or anything.


  “I said gimme a minute, alright?”

  “George, I’m coming in!”

  “No, don’t!-”

  But it was too late. Ringo had walked in on George doing… well, what men do when they’re given time to themselves.

  “Shit!” Ringo cried, closing the door and trying to block what he had just seen out of his mind. George had been bloody wanking, and it was an absolutely terrifying thought. He sat there patiently waiting for George to… er, well… finish, not knowing what to do.

  Eventually, George rushed out of the bathroom, a distracted look on his face as he walked out the door. Ringo was confused as to why George was so upset, especially since he had been the one who’d walked in on the man doing the dirty deed by himself. It wasn’t like he had walked in on George with someone other than Pattie or something of that nature.

  They walked to the Ringo’s car, George speed-walking ahead of the shorter man following closely at his heels. Both men had absolutely no idea what to do, and so when their car doors closed behind them, they sat there in silence until Ringo eventually picked up his keys and started the car.

  “Chilly, isn’t it?” Ringo smiled, forcing smalltalk as they began driving towards the circus, which was several towns over.

  “Yeah,” George replied, fiddling with his fingers nervously and trying not to make eye contact with the drummer next to him.

  “Wonder if it’ll be warm in the circus.”


  “Have ya ever been to see Mr. Kite before?”


  “Yeah, neither have I. John said he’s good, but I’ve never seen him meself.”

  “Will you just quit it with the bloody smalltalk?!” George cried. “I’m aware that something pretty embarrassing happened not too long ago. But you don’t have to act like nothing fucking happened! You caught me wanking, big deal. Just shrug it off and don’t act so damn awkward!”

  Ringo sat in silence for the rest of the ride, driving down the nearly empty evening road, George by his side. He didn’t know what to do, as he felt everything he could possibly say would make their whole situation even more awkward. The tension between the two men was outstandingly high, and neither of them dared to speak for fear of ruining their friendship even more.

  Suddenly, the radio seemed like a good option, and Ringo’s fingers desperately turned the adjustment dial, flipping through countless stations before a familiar sound rang to their ears.

  “Is that Lady Madonna?” Ringo asked, hoping george would forget about what had happened in the bathroom earlier that evening.

  “Sounds like it,” George snapped back almost sarcastically. It was obviously fellow band mate Paul McCartney’s voice singing their latest hit, ‘Lady Madonna,’ but George just didn’t want to acknowledge that because it meant he’d have to talk to Ringo. Of course, Ringo kept on blabbering away.

  “I see another number one in our future,” he chuckled.

  “Mmm,” George nearly groaned in response.

  “Ooh, we’re almost there,” Ringo giggled excitedly, looking at the dimly lit signs on the side of the road with arrows pointing towards the circus tent. George just rolled his eyes and rested his elbow on the window sill, his head in his hand.

  “Lady Madonna,” Ringo mumble-sang under his breath, “children at your feet.”

  George sighed audibly, growing more and more annoyed with every line of their latest hit Ringo sang under his breath. Did he really expect George not to hear him?

  “Wonder how you manage to make ends meet…”

  God, what is Ringo’s problem tonight? George’s mind practically ranted. He just won’t fucking shut up!

“Who finds the money when you pay the rent…”

  It’s like he’s trying to pick up a bird, George chuckled to himself. He won’t stop talking to me until I show some kind of interest!

“Do you think that money was heaven sent?”

  Well, I guess I should give him what he wants. Time to go ultra-peppy, George!

“Friday night arrives without a suitcase!” George and Ringo both sang in unison, George practically screaming at the top of his lungs as Ringo still mumbled under his breath. Ringo shot George a very confused look, continuing to sing, but very unaware of what had just happened inside George’s head.

  “Sunday morning creeping like a nun!” Now it was only George singing, and Ringo had stopped completely. He tried to focus on actually driving the car, but George was distracting him too much… he just had to join him and sing along…

  “Monday’s child has learned to tie his bootlegs, see how they run! Lady Madonna, baby at your breast! Wonders you manage to feed the rest!” The two band mates where now singing in perfect unison, the Beatles who were allowed to sing the least now starred in their own song. George and Ringo soon forgot about their entire tense car ride here as well as walking in on George wanking, and they sang their latest hit with so much glee that even Paul would be put to shame.

  Soon the song was over, conveniently at the same time that they arrived at the circus. Both Ringo and George stared at each other for a moment before bursting out laughing, their fit of giggles bringing back memories of happier days as best mates. None of them dared bring up the wanking incident, as they were now closer and didn’t want to ruin their reestablished friendship.

  “Come on, we’re gonna be late!” Ringo cried as they parked their car, noticing that the show was going to start in no less than ten minutes. They both hurriedly jumped out, grabbing their coats and running inside the tent.

  They managed to make it through the crowds without getting recognized, sitting far in the back so that no one would be able to see them. They settled into their seats, getting comfortable before the lights dimmed and a voice boomed through the loudspeakers.

  “And now- ladies and gentlemen- Mr. Kite’s latest mind-blowing circus experience- ‘Carnival of Light!’”

  The crowd clapped and cheered, most of them seemingly having been to this strange circus before. George and Ringo joined in the clapping part as well, but they weren’t as enthusiastic as the others. Then the crowd silenced and the entire room went near pitch black, the only source of light a spotlight on the center of the floor, a tiny man in a teal blue suit in the center.

  “Hello, ladies and gentlemen,” he spoke in a booming voice. “I’m the infamous Mr. K.”

  “Well no shit,” George whispered, and Ringo broke out into a fit of immature giggles.

  “There will be a show tonight on trampoline. The Hendersons will all be there, over men and horses, hoops and garters, lastly, through a hogshead of real fire! A splendid time is guaranteed for all. And tonight, Mr. Kite is topping the bill!”

  Mr. Kite stopped talking, and the spotlight was dragged off of him, focusing on a woman wearing an oddly designed fluorescent green outfit covered in glitter. She began swinging off a rope swing by her feet meeting a man in a matching blue fluorescent costume and linking legs, allowing her to swing off of her own swing and attach onto the man’s.

  “This is so stereotypical,” Ringo whispered. “They’re just swinging from ropes. What circus doesn’t have that?”

  “I know,” George mumbled back. “Queue the ring of fire.”

  As George said that, another spot light shone on a massive ring of fire, right in the path of the couple in the fluorescent costumes.

  “Who called that?” George laughed cockily, and Ringo joined in. By now, they were having more fun making fun of the circus show than actually watching it.

  “Why did John recommend this place?” George asked once again, a few minutes later. “All they’re doing is jumping through fire and swinging on swings. What could have been so special that made John like it so much?”

  Suddenly a wild thought popped into Ringo’s mind. He may just have figured out John’s thinking. “Wanna ditch?” he asked, looking at George uneasily and awaiting his response.

  “Ditch?” George asked. “But we paid.”

  “We’re fucking Beatles,” Ringo chuckled. “We can afford it. Trust me.”

  “Well…” George hesitated, “alright.”

  “Come on.”

  Ringo grabbed George’s hand, quietly running out of the room and escaping the horribly predictable performance. As they were running out, the air seemed to fill with a pinkish mist, and it left both boys choking as they finally made it into the other room.

  “What was that?” Ringo choked, the pink mist still deep in his throat.

  “I dunno.” George could barely breathe, that strange, misty substance filling his throat and eyes. He almost couldn’t see Ringo as the two of them stood there, panting and out of breath.

  “Let’s go somewhere else,” Ringo suggested. “Maybe that stuff that’s making us choke  won’t be in another room.”


  George followed Ringo down the hallway, not knowing where they were but figuring that any place was better than that odd, pink smoke. They could barely see each other, let alone even make eye contact as they raced down the hallway, searching desperately to find a room to escape to.

  Ringo settled on a door that had what appeared to be pink swirls on it, opening the door and shoving George in as well as himself. The room was pitch black, and neither man could see the other through the darkness. The odd pink smoke was still deeply lodged in their throats, but now they could actually breathe.

  “Find a light switch, will ya?” Ringo asked, and George nodded, forgetting that the older lad couldn’t see a single movement in the darkness.

  George flicked on the light and was met face to face with Ringo’s beautiful, blue eyes. He was almost taken aback by the sight of such dazzling eyes, the spontaneous eye contact with them sending chills through his veins. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other, for a brief moment, connected in more than just eye contact. It was like they were truly connected.

  “Oh, sorry…” George mumbled awkwardly, his eyes darting away from Ringo’s and to the floor.

  “No, no, it’s fine.” For some reason, Ringo’s heart and mind had worked up the courage to do something that otherwise, he wouldn’t dare doing. His hand reached up and caressed George’s cheek, the younger lad’s eyes looking up from the floor and back into Ringo’s. They made sweet eye contact once more, and Ringo took his shot, leaning in and kissing George softly on the lips.

  The younger lad was shocked at how spontaneously Ringo’s kiss had come, but he didn’t mind, leaning in along and kissing Ringo back. Ringo’s eyes widened as he realized what he had just done, widening even further when George’s lips kissed back. George’s hands found their way around Ringo’s back, pulling him closer. Their eyes were closed, enjoying their time so close to each other, and they stumbled backward, landing on a soft, cushiony substance.

  They pulled away from their kiss, looking down and realizing they were now lying on what appeared to be a bed, George on top of Ringo. The room itself was empty except for the odd little bed they were on, but neither boy protested as George leaned in once again, connecting their kiss.

  Soft little moans could be heard escaping from Ringo’s lips, George smiling as their kiss ventured on. Soon Ringo’s curious hands found their way onto George’s jacket, tugging it off. George chuckled and allowed Ringo to take his jacket off, his shirt soon following.

  Ringo’s eyes were wide with curiosity, not knowing how to react to the half naked man on top of him. George was so toned, his muscles gleaming against the ceiling lights. George smiled seductively and began tugging at Ringo’s own shirt, which soon came off and hit the floor as well.

  Getting tired of just kissing and feeling like he needed to become closer to Ringo, George slid down Ringo’s body and began kissing at his lower stomach, right above the top of his tight trousers. Ringo let out a gasp of air, looking down at George and wondering how the hell something this wonderful could have happened so soon.

  George’s fingers curiously began tugging at Ringo’s belt, and Ringo gave in, allowing his pants and underwear to slip off. He was now completely naked and hard as hell, and George’s hands began sliding their way up and down his shaft. Ringo couldn’t help but moan audibly, not knowing such an extreme pleasure could come from another man in a way like this. It was so wrong; but it felt so right.

  George unbuckled his own belt, allowing all of his clothes to hit the floor as well. The naked man climbed on top of his equally as naked partner, grinding up against him and sending tingles through both men’s bodies. The feeling of Ringo against himself in a way like this made George want to float away, the pleasure seeming all too much.

  “George…” Ringo forced out, George kissing at his neck. George sucked delicately, causing the drummer below him to constantly gasp out loud. “Make love to me.”

  George simply nodded, standing up and fetching a small little bottle from his coat pocket on the floor. Ringo readied himself, spreading his legs as George lubed himself up. He would have asked why George randomly had a container of lube on his person, but didn’t, as it would spoil the moment. 

  George returned with his cock slicked up, his fingers dipped in the slippery substance as well. “I have to loosen you up first,” he spoke in a calming voice, climbing onto the bed once more and readying himself. “It’ll hurt a bit at first, but it’ll feel good in the end. I promise you.”

  Ringo nodded, spreading his legs a little wider as George’s first finger slid inside of him. He bit his tongue at the odd feeling of it, but overall, didn’t find much pain.

  “Should I keep going?” George asked, his voice sounding sincere yet incredibly sexy.

  “Mm-hmm,” Ringo replied, bracing himself as yet another one of George’s fingers slide inside him. They began stroking at his insides, sending pricks of pleasure through Ringo’s body. “Mmm keep going!” he cried out, and George pulled his fingers out.

  “You ready?” He asked, positioning himself for complete entry, this time, not just his fingers.

  Ringo closed his eyes as his head hit back against the bed sheets, bracing himself for what was about to come. George grabbed Ringo’s fragile little hips and slid his member inside, gasping out in pleasure as the tight ring of muscles in Ringo’s entrance adapted around the new entry.

  “Fuck!” Ringo cried out, his fingernails digging into the bedsheets.

  “You alright?” George asked, noticing Ringo might be in some amount of pain.

  “Yes…” Ringo forced out. “Just start moving. I think that’ll solve the pain.”

  “Okay.” George slowly began moving in and out of Ringo, the tightness around his cock almost too much. He began gasping and panting, barely having started the sexual experience but knowing already that it was going to be incredible.

  “Dear God!” Ringo cried, his fingernails gripping the bedsheets even tighter. “Do that again!”

  George nodded in accordance and slid his cock over the same spot he had hit before.

  “Motherfuck!” Ringo gasped, his breathing speeding up and intensifying their experience. “You’re amazing!” he cried, not wanting to ever be without George. “Speed up!”

  George obeyed and rammed into Ringo forcefully, the drummer spasming with pleasure below him. “I love you George,” he gasped out, the bed now shaking beneath them.

  “I love you too, Ritch.”

  George couldn’t stop pounding into the sexy drummer below him, their sexual experience even better than he could have ever imagined. He felt himself getting closer and closer to his release, Ringo about to orgasm as well. With one final ram, he came inside of Ringo, sending chills of pleasure throughout both of their bodies. He kept on sliding in and out of Ringo even though he was done with his own orgasm, and eventually, Ringo came as well. George slowly pulled out and licked Ringo clean, then slid up and kissed Ringo on the lips, allowing him to taste his own release.

  “Wow,” was all Ringo managed to say, his hand digging through George’s hair as the older boy cuddled with him and held him close. “That was incredible.”

  “Mmm, I know. You’re incredible.”

  Ringo smiled and closed his eyes, and George looked up at the ceiling. Aren’t you glad I recommended this place? were the words written on the ceiling, in John’s familiar handwriting. Sure as hell helped me out.

At this point, George couldn’t help but burst out into a wide grin. For once in his life, he had never been so glad to take John’s advice. The Carnival of Light was definitely going to be something he would never forget.

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